We deliver your content to the desired and necessary target audience.

So you already have a video, and now you want to get it online and have it seen by the correct target group?

With VIRAL LAB, you have a video seeding and video marketing partner, with a suitable distribution strategy, that ensures you that your video content is distributed and seen on the Internet.

Since 2008, we have been a viral marketing and video marketing specialist, offering competent and transparent solutions for the distribution and marketing of all online motion picture formats. Our long-term experience, gained from countless successfully completed international and national video-seeding campaigns in almost all verticals and target markets, is an integral part of planning your campaign.

Regardless of the product or the brand, we develop an individual seeding strategy for each and every format that will provide your video content with the necessary attention and qualitative maximum reach that it deserves.

Our continuously and ever-growing publisher and influencer network provides the flexibility to meet your needs and also guarantees scalable reach to video views.

We leave absolutely nothing to chance. We lead your campaign step by step to success. We do this by addressing selected targeting parameters, specific interests and topics, high-ranking environmental placements, keywords, and more. We reach your target group precisely and with minimal scatter losses.

We also offer 100% transparency in all areas. Using our own real-time, Google-based tracking system (with personal client login) to ensure performance is on track and constant optimization of the campaigns KPI´s are important factors to ensuring a successful campaign and of course, a satisfied customer.

An Overview of our Services:

Guaranteed video reach: for YouTube videos, Facebook videos, etc.

Seeding of all video formats: viral spots, how-to videos, image films, infomercials, product videos, promotional video, web series, employer branding videos, 360’ degree videos and many more

Individual seeding strategy: for every product and every objective we develop an individual seeding- and distribution strategy to ensure maximum user engagement

100% transparency: measurable and comprehensible results with “Google Analytics” based live tracking system and client login

Influencer marketing substantial and effective international video-seeding influencer- and publisher network to meet individual campaign needs

Please contact us – we also have an effective video marketing strategy for your video content!

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