Video seeding agency services for
Getränke Hoffmann


Client: Getränke Hoffmann
Agency: Grey Berlin
Content: 1 Viral Spot
Campaign: 50 Jahre Getränke Hoffmann
Video Seeding Agency: VIRAL LAB
Target Group: 25+ years, eating & drinking, beverages, lifestyle
Geo-Targeting: Regional Targeting of relevant GH areas


We know everything about beverages – such is the motto of Getränke Hoffmanns image campaign to celebrate its 50 year history. Germanys most successful beverage store is not only convincing in its range of choice, but its employees really know their trade and love helping wherever they can. As you can observe in the spot, they will surpass normal goals and reach heights no one else deemed possible.

In accordance with Grey Berlin, VIRAL LAB as Video Seeding Agency implemented a successful seeding concept in relevant target groups, such as food & lifestyle in a specific geo-targeting.


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