Social Media Marketing
floor care Pure Kraft

Social Media Marketing campaign for POLIBOY

Client: POLIBOY Brandt & Walther GmbH
Content: 1 Viral Spot
Video Seeding & Social Media Marketing: VIRAL LAB
Target Group: Household, Environment, House, Living etc.
Target Area: Germany


In accordance with POLIBOY Brandt & Walther GmbH, VIRAL LAB was happy to accompany the relaunch of the floor care series Pure Kraft with a tailored video seeding and social media marketing strategy. The handy POLIBOY concentrate products aim to not only ease your floor care, but also be an excellent asset to the health of the environment. For maximum awareness and social media reach, VIRAL LAB combined the strategic video seeding with a specific blogger and influencer marketing strategy from the VIRAL LAB network. Authentic product tests as well as competitions in the blogs enabled a high participation, interaction and social media visibility.


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