Video Marketing
Peugeot Video-Series
with JP Kraemer

Video Marketing for Peugeot  – YouTube Video Series with JP Kraemer

Client: Peugeot
Agency: KG Media Factory GmbH
Content: 3 Viral Spots
Campaign: Wusstet Ihr schon?
Video Marketing & Seeding: VIRAL LAB
Target Group: 25+ years, general public, car-afficionados
Geo-Targeting: DE


Driving your car without hassle and any problems – a dream come true. To ensure this stays a reality, annual check-ups are essential. And there is hardly anyone else around who knows his trade better than JP Kraemer. In this web-series he has some handy tipps and information on numerous topics – like the battery, turbo charger and the shock absorbers.

The web-series “Wusstet ihr schon?” was designed for YouTube and social media marketing – and VIRAL LABs Video Marketing measures ensured the clips landed in car-related networks.


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